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Do you often miss your morning smoothie because you’re usually running late for work or school? Never miss your favorite blended breakfast drink again with BlenderCap, the newest and the portable blender in the world.

What is BlenderCap?

BlenderCap boasts itself as the only ultra-high-powered portable blender that lets you make smoothies, protein shakes, frozen cocktails, and other blended drinks on the go — post-workout, off-grid, or mid-commute.

As showcased at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, BlenderCap delivers unrivaled performance. Utilizing next-generation electric vehicle cell-to-pack battery architecture, BlenderCap is equipped with nine high-discharge lithium-ion cells that deliver 27 amps and 300 watts of continuous DC power.

BlenderCap features a high-torque, 18,000 RPM motor that easily crushes ice, frozen fruit, and solid foods at will.

A product of years of world-class design and engineering expertise, BlenderCap features ultra-premium construction. It is built to last with an aircraft-grade 6061 precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy enclosure and premium kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel blades.

To avoid any accident, BlenderCap is built with a patented triple safety switch mechanism that only activates when a compatible bottle is securely fastened to the unit. The blender’s onboard microcontroller measures the resistance of the switches in series to help prevent false activation.

What comes with BlenderCap?

A unit of BlenderCap includes the following:

Cortez silver 32oz vacuum insulated wide mouth bottle

The Cruz-branded, 32oz wide mouth, double wall stainless steel bottle that comes with BlenderCap features vacuum insulation that keeps your drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours.

For the product’s launch, all BlenderCap will ship with only the 32oz Cortez silver bottle. This decision was made to streamline the company’s early production and simplify the fulfillment process. But accessory Cruz-branded bottles are available for purchase in a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Although BlenderCap comes with a Cruz-branded bottle, it was designed to fit many other wide-mouth bottles in the market, including some of the most popular brands.

Silicone foldable funnel

The silicone foldable funnel that comes with BlenderCap sits perfectly inside the included bottle, allowing you to easily add ingredients with no mess.

Dual TwistCap

When you’re done making your blended drinks, you can cover the included bottle with a dual TwistCap, which also comes with a unit of BlenderCap. Twist off just the top of the cap to reveal a drinking spout, or the whole lid for full wide-mouth access.

Blade Cap

For safe storage and to prevent accidental injury, each unit of BlenderCap come with a blade cap, which is used to cover the blender’s blade when not in use.

USB-C charging cable

A BlenderCap includes a USB-C charging cable, which lets you to charge the blender like your phone for up to a week of daily blending.

How to use BlenderCap

Simply add ingredients to your Cruz-branded bottle or any compatible container, attach BlenderCap, and blend anything anywhere. A yellow LED is displayed when the unit is ready to blend.

How to clean BlenderCap

Cleaning BlenderCap is super easy! Simply add soap and water and blend into your bottle. BlenderCap was designed to be water resistant and can be rinsed in the sink, but never fully submerge the unit or use high pressure to clean it.

How much is BlenderCap?

A unit of BlenderCap, together with all the accessories mentioned above, costs $129. Separate accessory bottles sell for $22-$44 depending on size. There’s also a BlenderCap protective case that retails for $18.

Where to buy BlenderCap

BlenderCap is now available for preorder at Cruz-branded products begin shipping in January. BlenderCap and other Cruz products are launching in the United States first, but the company will be opening the order channel to Canada in mid-2023.

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